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My journey began in 2019 and was based on my love for candles and wax melts which I regularly purchased from various retailers.  This was almost an obsession in finding the perfect scent to fill my home, but I couldn’t find anything in the current market place that wowed me.  So, I decided to develop my own wax tarts in the pursuit of that perfect magical aroma. I started with La belle and Midnight Zen and after quite a few attempts I had the wow factor with my home bursting with beautiful smells. As I enjoy creating, I would always make extra for friends and family.  The word has spread and orders started to come in.

It was hard to keep the magical aromas to myself ... and the rest is history.


To create that special experience in your homes we make sure that all our products are made to high standards - just the way I would expect it in our home.

Madge & Co

Wax Melt Questions & Answers


1. What is a wax melt?

Wax melt is a scented piece of wax that do not have a wick like traditional candles. They are designed to be used in appropriate wax burners and releases fragrance when heated. 

2. How do I use it?


To use, simply remove it from the packaging and place small piece in the well on your burner.  The wax will melt slowly in the dish as it heats up, and releases the fragrance.  When the tea light has been extinguished, the wax will re-harden ready for use next time. 

3. How much wax should I add to my burner?

You only need small piece of wax to start with, say a size of £2 coin, to achieve stronger scent throw. Make sure not keep the amount of the wax inline with the burner size to avoid overflowing.


4. Can I use the melt more that once?


Absolutely! Unlike candles, the wax melts will not evaporate.  You can re-use the wax a number of times, until the fragrance has gone completely.

5. What type of burner should I use?

We advise to use a burner of minimum height of 10 cm in conjunction with 4 hour tealight in order to avoid burner overheating.

6. How to remove the wax from the burner?

When the fragrance has completely gone the best way to remove the wax from the bowl without spillages is to use cotton wool or kitchen roll. Ensure the tea light has extinguished. Allow the wax to cool slightly and simply pop a cotton wool ball or some tissue in the bowl. This will soak up the melted wax. 

If the wax if fully hardened, reheat it for about 10-20 seconds and push the wax out from the dish with your thumb.





Product may produce allergic reaction. If on skin wash with plenty of soap and water, if skin irritation or rash occurs seek medical advice / attention.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not expose to droughts and do not move while lit. Never leave the candle unattended.


Shipping & Return Policy


All shipping methods are specified at checkout.

If you require special delivery please contact us.

All our products are securely packaged to ensure that all your items arrive in one piece.

Due to the delicate nature of the wax some breakages may occur during transportation, this will not affect the performance of the product. However if your item is significantly damaged please let me know to discuss.